About Woodward Petroleum Services
Woodward Petroleum Services, LLC

In 1990 I worked for one of the larger Mobil Oil distributors in the upper Midwest, delivering fuel and oil products, maintaining their fuel trucks, bulk plants, and gas stations, and an assorted list of other duties.  In early 1994 I ended up leaving the company, for an opportunity to start my own business in the service side of the petroleum and fluid handling market.  I was asked to buy-out a guy who was getting ready to retire and had a very small company. He helped make the buy-out work on my $8 per hour income.  I was able to pay-off the purchase in three years and doubling the company every year from the prior years.

I have become an expert in fuel oil fired appliances and boilers, and have since have added natural gas and LP to our list.  We have focused on mainly commercial fueling systems installation and maintenance and the majority of the marinas in our radius.  My expertise in this technology has afforded me many higher profile jobs, usually reserved for much larger installation companies, and be competitive in a tight market.  We have performed EPA clean-ups and nearly a thousand underground and above ground tank installations and removals over the years.  I service both the Wisconsin and Illinois markets and am a distributor of many major lines of fluid handling equipment.

Being a licensed AST/UST installer and Remover/Cleaner with great access to very good hydro-geologist had opened many doors for us to do some really fun projects.   I have acquired many other skills, over the years, that has given us diversity in the trades and I always look forward to the next big challenge.  While I do not advertise this business much at all, I have been able to retain the majority of our clients for continual repeat business year after year.